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Enjoy Swimming While Protecting Your Hair At The Same Time

Swimming has been one of the sport and activity that is loved by many. Although it could be damaging to the at some point, you can always visit any hair salons to get the treatment that can fix your hair. However, doing that will only cost you so much if you are to sum up the visits and treatments you’ve had every time you get a damaged hair. Even professional swimmers have their own hair regimen to protect it from any damage. You can also take care of those strands without going to the salon regularly. So no matter how often you plunge yourself into the water, you won’t worry about tangled and chlorine damaged hair anymore.

Stated below are ways that can help you protect your hair no matter how often you dive in.

Swim Your Way Through These Hair Care Tips

The “Before Swimming” Regimen

  • Wet your hair first.
    • Soaking your hair in the shower will help minimize the salt from the beach water and chlorine from the pool that can potentially be absorbed by your hair. This practice can give your hair the opportunity to take in fresh water first, leaving less space for other water elements to squeeze into those strands. Too much exposure to chlorine and beach water can lead to hair dryness and breakage.
  • Coat your Hair.
    • Rubbing a hair protectant or oil can reduce some chlorine to penetrate into your as it also gently moisturizes your locks. Coconut oil is the most common protectant being applied on the hair, although you can also try other hair creams which have sun protection and UV shield to prevent any damage from the sun.
  • Style your hair before swimming.
    • Remember that your hair is like a sponge that easily absorbs chemicals that are being applied to it or suck in chlorine whenever you go on a plunge. So styling it into a braid, knot or bun can really protect your hair from those harsh elements. Doing this will also minimize your chances of having tangles and frizzy hair.
  • Ditch the swimming cap.
    • Although you see professional swimmers wear swimming caps like during a tournament, we thought that their hair won’t get soaked. But on the contrary, it doesn’t really work 100% that way. Actually, swim caps can be a hassle on your hair as it can also cause a push and pull on your strands. This can be the start of hair breakage. If you really have to wear a swimming cap, make sure that it won’t pressure your edges. Plus, make it a habit to apply some cream or oil on your hair strands before putting on your swim cap.

The “After Swimming” Regimen

  • Shampoo after your Swim
    • Don’t just use any ordinary shampoo. It’s highly advisable that you rinse your hair with a normalizing or clarifying shampoo. This will wash out the chlorine that your hair has collected during your swim. You just have to make the best choice in purchasing a clarifying shampoo because most of them can dry your hair so always check the label before giving it a go. If you prefer a more natural clarifying solution
  • Apply Conditioner after you shampoo.
    • Use a deep conditioning masque right after you shampoo. This will restore the lost moisture of your hair from swimming.
  • Use a wide tooth comb
    • Hair experts could not stress this enough, but using a wide tooth comb can easily detangle your hair and prevent breakage without stressing your locks.

Now if you wanted to enjoy your summer or anytime you feel like diving in always include in your “to-do-list” the ways to protect your hair. Although, of course, you can always ask top rated hair salons potomac to treat your hair if it goes really damaged due to uncontrollable reasons and situations. Remember that your hair is your crowning glory and many are relying their confidence on how their looks like. True enough that your hair texture appears different after you swim in the pool or on the beach due to the various elements that affect each strand. There is no stopping someone who loves the water and if you are one of them, make sure that you always consider your dos benefits first before you be sorry.

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Foods You Should feed Your Hair Daily

Woman’s crowning glory is their hair. They pretty much do anything that makes them confident and stands out. In this society where men and women are equally getting the same privilege, competition is real. Of course, women won’t let their guards down and will just let their hair do the talking. While most women make it a habit to visit hair salons for treatment and hair extensions, you, on the other hand, can just stay at home and effortlessly grow your hair naturally through the food that you eat every single day.

Your Hair Is On A Diet Too

In order to achieve a strong, long, and stunning shiny hair you should not only be paying attention to your scalp but more importantly to the food you eat. Everything that is happening to your hair all depends on your diet. See, each hair strand is composed of cells containing keratin, one of the toughest hair protein. They regularly need nourishment to make your hair healthy as it grows.

Try these Foods for your Do

  • Eggs are IN.

You will never go wrong with eggs. They will never let you down. No matter what your diet is for, eggs will always be present to supply the necessary protein that our body needs and it will do the same thing for your hair. And because you need protein for your hair, eggs are the best source of that vitamin and other minerals. Also, eggs are efficient if you are planning to lose weight. It has already proven to make miracles to those who are into an intensive diet plan.

  • For Iron, leafy green veggies and spinach is a must.

Aside from protein, your hair needs iron too. One reason for hair loss is lack of iron content in the body. This is because when the body loses oxygen, iron and other nutrients your roots and hair follicles lack its ability to grow and protect each strand from weakening.

  • Load Up Vitamin C.

Getting tons of Vitamin C in the body will not only make your immune system stronger but will make your hair healthier too! Including even just 1 citrus fruit in your diet every day is enough to fuel your body with the right amount of Vitamin C. So make oranges your BFF from now on.

  • Fuel up your Omega-3

Do you know that Omega-3 is not only good for the heart but is important for a thicker hair? You can get this from nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and seeds too. These tiny snacks may be small in size, but huge in benefits. So if you’re a nut lover, the more you will because now you know that your hair will benefit from it too.

  • Get glorious do with whole grains.

Oats and other whole grain compounds will provide you with zinc, iron, B vitamins and biotin. Biotin is one of the healthy compounds that will do wonders for your hair. It supports the production of amino acids for your hair growth.

  • Carrots for hair growth.

The hair has the fastest growing capability in the body and having enough supply of vitamin A will greatly support the cells in hair growth. It is also an important factor for the production of the scalps natural oils for healthy roots and glowing hair.

  • The Avocado magic.

Vitamin E is just one of the many vitamins that avocado can supply the body. It supports blood circulation and facilitates the growth of your hair by helping follicles to work well. Avocado can really be addicting, especially that there are tons of recipes available. You can always experiment on them every day together with your meal.


Hungry? Who won’t be, right? It’s okay to crave or make it a habit to regularly have these foods in your daily meal not just for your entire body but for your hair as well. So instead of worrying and stressing yourself on how to have glowing hair and visit your hair extensions salon Rockville. At least it will save you so much time and effort and of course, budget. So why not give your hair the chance to naturally grow beautifully and gracefully without the need of any harmful chemicals or procedures. Besides, natural is always beautiful. So just keep a healthy lifestyle for you and your hair.

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Synopsis of Hair extensions and existing varieties

Hair extensions have become the trend of today and with leading global brands such as hairdreams hair extensions, sally’s hair extensions, and many more there is increase in the demand for hair extensions. Women who were shy to go for hair extensions are now readily opting for it and this is owing to the genuine hair quality in the hair extensions.  The top quality hair products available in hair salons have natural sheen, bounce and elasticity. The hair quality is unsurpassed with respect to quality and that it allows reusing it several times.


Hair styles


Nowadays, there are many hairstyles and the celebrity hair stylists also ensure perfection in work. Professional hair stylists offer different hair color and highlights. They also offer services such a hair relaxers and perms, bridal hair style and different types of short haircut. Regardless of whether you are having a simple or high-drama wedding, you can take inspiration and consider the bridal up-dos with your hair.


Different hair extensions to consider


If you love hair extensions and the look it offers, but do not have enough money or lack time, you may consider the clip in hair extensions. It is the best to fulfill your desire of a fuller, longer and healthier hair.


If you wish to have more volume and length to your mane, you may bond hair extensions. Naturally looking and long lasting hair extension are ready to get styled and this is possible with fusion hair extensions. Bonding attaches individual extensions to the scalp of the hair and so it blends seamlessly. Get it done from renowned hair salons or a celebrity hair stylist.


If you wish hair extension, at least ascertain you are getting high quality weave or clip. Do not go for cheap Remy hair extensions. If you wish to look gorgeous with long hair, buy top notch extensions from Sally’s hair extensions or dreamcatchers extensions or any well known salon.


Variety existing celebrity hair stylist


There are different hair extension types and they come in various colors, shapes and lengths. Know the details before spending on them.


  • Weft hair extensions can be sewn or glued to your natural hair. These are cost effective and allow easy replacement.
  • Micro link hair extensions look natural than weft, but are labor intensive application and expensive.
  • Invisible hair extensions look flawless, but are an arduous procedure. Here the hair and scalp is attached to the skin and must be done at top notch hair salons md.


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